Tension Netting Systems

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Supplementary to our rope access department, we supply and install innovative non-scaffold access and safety systems. We have teamed up with Web Rigging Services out of the UK as an approved WEB Systems Install Partner for:

WEB Deck

WEB Deck provides a solid and stable working platform which feels like scaffolding. It offers an excellent alternative for carrying out heavy work tasks whilst being suspended under a structure.



WEB Net is a tension netting system which provides a quick-to-install working platform to access areas at height. Fast installation and dismantling time reduces costs by about 75%. It is also approximately 5 – 10% of the weight and volume of scaffolding and therefore is easier and cheaper to transport. Storage space required on site and in the yard is also reduced.

WEB Catch

The WEB Catch solution addresses dropped object problems when working on derricks, flares and similar ‘stacked’ work areas where operatives are working directly above colleagues. The risk of falling debris/objects is mitigated through the use of multi-layered mesh netting supported by tensioned cables.